Staff Contacts

Paseo Pointe staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/Area   Room Ext Email Address
Principal Kristi Pashley  Office 3800 kpashley@laveeneld.org
Asst. Prin. Bill Stewart  Office 3800 wstewart@laveeneld.org
Secretary Jennifer Silber Office 3801 jsilber@laveeneld.org
Attendance Leticia Preciado Office 3803 lpreciado@laveeneld.org
Receptionist Sofia Espinoza Office 3800 sespinoza@laveeneld.org
Health Assoc. Shari Reed B103 3806 sreed@laveeneld.org
Psych. Jasmine Johnson Office 3807 jjohnson@laveeneld.org
Counselor Brandi Barnett Office 3815 bbarnett@laveeneld.org
Pre-K Martha Avendano B133 3826 mavendano@laveeneld.org
Pre-K Rachel Nichols B141 3827 rnichols@laveeneld.org
Pre-K Ashley Perez B143 3828 aperez@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten (DLI-Eng) Kristen Henry B128 3830 khenry@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten (DLI-Spa) Patricia Parkerson Sotelo B130 3831 pparkersonsotelo@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten (DLI-Spa) Elizabeth Banderas B135 3832 ebanderas@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten (DLI-Eng) Jenny Magyar B137 3833 jmagyar@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten (DLI-Eng & Spa) Itzel Ceballos Zuniga B151 3883 iceballoszuniga@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (DLI-Spa) Rene Gastelo B147 3835 rgastelo@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (DLI-Eng) Susana Trujillo B148 3836 strujillo@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (DLI-Spa) Anahi Bermudez B159 3876 abermudez@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (DLI-Eng) Marjorie Estavillo B128 3830 mestavillo@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (Eng) Sheri Givens B149 3837 sgivens@laveeneld.org
1st Grade (Eng) Anik Cole B150 3838 acole@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade  (DLI-Spa) Frank Pinto B165 3840 fpinto@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade (DLI-Eng) Mitchell Dominguez B1666 3841 mdominguez@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Justine Ackie B167 3842 jackie@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Zach Sabol B168 3843 zsabol@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Jennifer Otis B169 3845 jotis@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Brittney Downs B170 3846 bdowns@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Christine Iwinski B172 3848 ciwinski@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Sarah Bozlee B214 3853 sbozlee@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Lindsay Delgado B210 3851 ldelgado@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Cassandra Krum B209 3850 ckrum@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Jessica Neill B213 3852 jneill@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Ren Fahey B219 3856 rfahey@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Jessica Lozano B218 3855 jlozano@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Sarah Lopez B223 3857 slopez@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Michael Dees B2226 3861 mdees@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Santos Herrera B224 3858 sherrera@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Teojia Williamson B225 3860 twilliamson@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Math Julia Bereck B242 3868 jbereck@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Science Shane Jones B241 3867 sjones@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Social Studies Steven Tokos B240 3866 stokos@laveeneld.org
7th Grade English Language Arts Melissa Van Hofwegen B239 3865 mvanhofwegen@laveeneld.org
8th Grade English Language Arts Meredith Daly B245 3871 mdaly@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Math Sarah Narmi B246 3872 snarmi@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Amy Weibel B243 3869 aweibel@laveeneld.org
Librarian Lydia Brown B204 3809 lbrown@laveeneld.org
Music Alexandraiah Bollman A134 3885 abollman@laveeneld.org
Spanish Diana Guillen B151 3883 dguillen@laveeneld.org
Art Andrew Murray B154 3881 amurray@laveeneld.org
Band Michelle Phillips A133 3886 mphillips@laveeneld.org
Resource 5-8 Breezy Figueroa B211 3875 bfigueroa@laveeneld.org
Resource 1-4 Ashleigh Justice B132 3874 ajustice@laveeneld.org
P. E. Robert Harrison A127 3887 rharrison@laveeneld.org
P. E. Jeremy Roberts A127 3887 jroberts@laveeneld.org